Nairobi, Kenya; 22 August 2016: Meru County Governor Peter Munya has concluded a contract with Windlab to develop a large-scale wind farm in the Kenyan County.

In line with the County’s investment mandate, renewable energy is a critical component to provide electricity to the County and the Kenya National Grid.

“The development, construction and operation of a large scale renewable energy project within the County will bring employment, energy security and expertise to the region,” said the Governor at the signing of the development agreement.

“This is much needed to ensure social and economic prosperity.”

“The Meru County is actively supporting various economic opportunities including tourism and agricultural opportunities. The addition of new energy sources is important to ensure that the investment growth that the County is securing can be implemented with the appropriate investment in the infrastructural requirements.”

“As can be seen in the United States, Australia, South Africa and throughout the world, wind farms are currently the cheapest form of new electricity generation capacity,” says Peter Venn, Managing Director of Windlab Africa.

“The combination of wind energy with the other forms of energy that the County and Kenya already has will create a well-integrated renewable energy platform for Kenya to leverage,” Venn added.

“Kenya is blessed with vast amounts of renewable energy potential and a well-structured private electricity market that allows private power investors to operate and succeed.”

Windlab Africa MD Peter Venn and Meru County Governor Peter Munya sign the development agreement