Spectacular global growth over the past four years has enabled an ACT company to ride out uncertainty around a carbon price and win Canberra's top business accolade.

Technology developed in Canberra has made Windlab a world expert in measuring wind and one of Australia's fastest growing businesses.

The company locates economically, socially and environmentally acceptable sites for wind farms in Australia and overseas.

Last night Windlab received the Canberra Business Council's business achievement award for 2010.

Chief operating officer Luke Osborne said company turnover was growing by 100 per cent annually, but it hadn't escaped the impact of political uncertainty in environmental policies.

''We're subject to the slight vagaries of the political pendulum around carbon pricing and so forth.

''We have been lucky to grow into a lot of markets so we can smooth those booms and busts out that unfortunately has characterised the industry on the back of government policies.''

He said legislation for large scale renewable energy targets supported Windlab's operation.

''Even without a carbon price, we're investing in Australia, it's a good place and a carbon price will help. It will make our dirty competitors less competitive.''