Windlab Systems Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it has successfully won support from the Australian Government for the commercialisation of a computational model for turbulence prediction on wind energy sites.

Wind energy is heavily reliant on computational models of wind flow. No reliable method currently exists for prediction of damaging turbulence shed from topographic features and as a result, turbines can be damaged or under-utilised. Windlab, already a leader in the field, will commercialise a model that will allow high-risk areas to be identified during the feasibility study of a proposed site. “This will allow Windlab’s clients and partners to develop wind energy projects with lower risk and ultimately deliver lower-cost emission-free energy to the community” said CEO Mark Sinclair.

Windlab was one of eight companies awarded a grant under the Renewable Energy Development Initiative run by AusIndustry. In announcing the award, Environment Minister, Senator Ian Campbell said “Research into and development of renewable energy technologies will give Australia a strong base on which to grow its own industry and expand opportunities overseas”.

The project will be run by Windlab’s Chief Technology Officer Dr Keith Ayotte and is scheduled for commercial release in around 2 years time. “We are already seeing strong demand for the product” said Dr Ayotte, “We are currently deploying the intellectual property in a limited fashion. This grant will allow us to complete the development and ensure it is accurate and applicable for a wide range of sites”.

The model will add to Windlab’s suite of technology including the successful WindScapeTM and RaptorNL models.