Canberra, 1 June 2017, Australia’s international wind energy company Windlab Limited welcomes the Queensland Government’s Powering North Queensland Plan, announced today, to progress feasibility studies and funding for a major transmission line in North Queensland. This initiative recognises the opportunity to build a renewable energy precinct in Far North Queensland to capitalise on its world class solar and wind resources. The Government’s plan paves the way for Kennedy Wind Farm and other complementary projects to power North Queensland for decades.

Windlab’s flagship project, Kennedy Wind Farm, covers the premier wind resource in the State of Queensland. Kennedy will be a 1,200MW wind farm to be constructed near Hughenden that would connect into the proposed line. It will represent an investment of over $2 billion and provide power for well over half a million homes.

Windlab’s Chief Operating Officer Rob Fisher said “Queensland is well known to have a world class solar resource, but it also has some very large commercial wind resources in the North, which will operate in a highly complementary manner to solar and will be key contributors to grid security. The State Government has recognised this opportunity and the economic benefits that will flow to the region, and this is a welcome first step to realising those benefits.”

Windlab has been studying the wind resource at Kennedy for several years while developing the project. Measurements indicate that the wind at the site has a diurnal profile that is highly complementary to solar generation, with the bulk of generation expected in the evening and night. This characteristic is key to balancing the very large volume of solar generation to be constructed in Queensland and maintaining grid stability into the future.

Windlab expects construction to commence at Kennedy Energy Park, its first project near Hughenden, in the second half of 2017, with the larger project to follow shortly thereafter.