Two of Australia’s leading wind industry companies have teamed up to investigate the potential of developing Australia’s largest wind farm at Baynton.

A state of the art 80 metre monitoring tower, installed by Windlab Systems, will measure wind data as part of a joint feasibility study with one of Australia’s leading renewable energy generators, Stanwell Corporation.

Windlab Systems chief executive, Mike Vallender, said the proposed development was good news for the local region.

“We have begun the key part of the process of talking with the local community about this development, and expect the feasibility study to last 24 months.

“This phase of investigation will involve conversation and information sharing with locals as well as detailed technical investigations to ensure the proposal presents a robust business case,” he said.

“The wind energy business is all about good project management, accurate wind assessment, community involvement, and commercial awareness.

“Should the proposed development proceed it would represent an investment of hundreds of millions for the Victorian and the Australian economy.

“Windlab Systems and Stanwell enjoy a dynamic collaboration, with a proven track record of getting projects up in Australia.

“We share a strategic alignment in our vision to advance renewable energy solutions for Australia’s future,” Mr Vallender said.

The proposed site is located 70 kilometres north of Melbourne at Baynton.

Windlab Systems is a private company established from the CSIRO Wind Energy Research Unit. The company has several projects in the pipeline, with this the first to progress to full feasibility.

Windlab expect to make an announcement in the near future about other project launches and plans for future capital raising.