Kiata Wind Farm is a 31 MW wind farm 50 km north-west of Horsham, Victoria. It produces enough clean energy for over 20,000 houses.

The site was first identified by Windlab using its WindScape mapping technology in 2013. Windlab began monitoring on site later that year.

The project was progressed very quickly with planning approval being granted in 2016, and the project reached financial close several months later in November.

Construction of the 9 Vestas V126 turbines began in early 2017. The project commenced generation later that year.

The project utilises the same award-winning community engagement model that was used at Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm.

The project is an economic boon to the local community. The project contracted Victorian owned Keppel Prince to manufacture the state-of-the-art towers for the wind turbines. These turbines are the largest in the country as of installation.

Windlab managed the construction of the project and from commercial operations commenced a 5 year asset management agreement.

The site is now owned by Atmos Renewables.

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