The Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm is a small wind energy project located 90 km north-west of Bendigo, Victoria. The site represents the competitive advantage presented by Windlab’s unique technology. Other wind developers have searched for projects in that part of the country for many years, but this site was not found until Windlab applied its scientific expertise to the search.

It is jointly owned by the local community, Windlab Limited and Eurus. This is the first renewable energy project in the country with an ownership structure that includes the local farming community in this way. Windlab won the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Award for this innovative approach.

Windlab began work on the site in 2012. Planning approval for the final layout was granted by Buloke Shire in February 2014. Construction began on site in 2015 and it was completed on schedule and under budget by 2016. At that point it was the cheapest wind power in the country.

The project uses Vestas V117 wind turbines.

Windlab manages the project from its global operations hub in Canberra.

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