Who We Are

Windlab was born out of the CSIRO in 2003, where our co-founders developed and commercialised cutting-edge renewable energy mapping technology unmatched to this day. Today, we’re the 100% Australian, fully-integrated, end-to end renewable energy company championing the world’s clean energy transition. We apply that same technology and our diverse, globally recognised expertise to find, develop, construct and operate Australia’s best performing, most responsibly developed renewable energy projects. Windlab is privately owned by Squadron Energy and Federation Asset Management, and has offices across metro and regional Australia. With almost 24GW currently in development or under construction and our sights set on delivering 10GW plan, we’ve got the science, smarts, and shareholder support required to deliver our ambitious pipeline and make fossil fuels obsolete.

This technological advantage has enabled Windlab to amass a portfolio of high quality wind farm development sites totalling 7,406 MW of potential capacity across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.  Windlab has completed the development of 1,093 MW of capacity across three continents. These projects are either currently under construction or are amongst the best operating projects in their respective markets.

Windlab played a foundation role in the creation of Australia’s wind industry.

Windlab’s key to success is the combination of its team and advanced technology.  The WindScape technology has allowed Windlabto identify literally hundreds of green-field wind farm sites at a desktop level, by wind mapping extensive territories across multiple continents to a 100m x 100m resolution, with significantly higher accuracy than other industry tools.  Windlab has investigated and secured the best of these opportunities and today is developing 48 projects with an unparalleled success rate.  WindScape has allowed Windlab to achieve this rapidly whilst deploying only a fraction of the capital used by other Australian and international developers.